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Read the amazing story of how God helped this Christian, Homeschooling Family have four of their nine kids start college by the age of 12!

If you read this book and try its principles of teaching and faith, you will find success in your child’s education. Anyone can do it!

WARNING: We hope for more than just an education in your child, but a transformation of their mind and spirit for success in life.

If you are NOT a Christian and do NOT Homeschool, you are our target audience. We sincerely hope you will read this book and somehow find answers to your questions regarding homeschooling.

If you are Not a Christian, but ARE Homeschooling, we would like to say that your child could graduate from Stanford or Harvard by age 16 and never know Jesus. This would be tragic. You may want to read this book and hopefully find the most important truth about Him. He came to earth to die for your sin so that you can live forever! ....... read more

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.....I just finished the book about 20 minutes ago! Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed it and could not put it down. It was just the inspiration I needed today. It was a VERY hard day with my two boys ages 2 and 4 months today, and I simply cried out to God for some help and peace. He simply told me, "Hang in there. The help is on it's way." And sure enough, it was literally on it's way electronically since you decided to go ahead and email it to me! So, thank you. I loved how it was written with everyones input. It was like sitting your family down and listening to everyone's different ideas, stories, and more



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